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The Biblical Principles of Good Government

Remembering the Wonderful Works of God
(Psalm 111:4)

Many people of faith understand Biblical principles. But often we’re not familiar with Biblical ideas specifically applied to civil government: how government works for good if founded on Biblical principles, and our specific duties toward civil government.

These “Biblical Principles of Good Government” sheets summarize Biblical truths related to government in a practical way that can be understood and applied immediately. They are designed for use in home groups, prayer groups, Bible studies, small groups, and in private school or home school government, civics, and history classes.

Can our Constitutional Republic and the freedom it gives us be sustained unless we understand and apply the basic principles that form its foundation (Psalm 11:3)? Studying and applying these basic Biblical ideas is essential to the preservation of liberty for posterity, including our freedom to share the Gospel. Remembering the wonderful works of God (Psalm 111:4) helps us to love God more and to avoid being “counterfeited” with bad, un-Biblical ideas that erode liberty. To forget God and His ideas has significant consequences (Psalm 50:22).

Read these ideas to your family, children, grandchildren. If liberty is to be maintained,
then His people must know, teach, and actively advance them!

1. God’s Three Institutions
2. Thinking Governmentally – It’s Biblical
3. Our Biblical Duties Toward Civil Government
4. National Days of Prayer: An American Tradition
5. Liberty’s Three Biblical Ingredients (Evangelism is #1!)
6. America’s Judaeo-Christian History
7. America’s Unique Biblical Foundation — Produces Liberty for All
8. Pastor Involvement – Key to Securing and Preserving Liberty
9. Biblical Principles for Leadership Selection
10. Engaging in the Spiritual and Cultural War – A 3-Step Biblical Approach
11. The American Covenant (The Mayflower Compact)
12. Liberty is a Four Letter Word (Know—Pray—Work—Give—Love)
13. Exploding the Myth of “Separation of Church and State”
14. America is a Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy

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2016 US Party Platforms Summary (Non-Partisan)

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You don’t want to get fooled into voting for a candidate/party whose values and ideals don not match up Biblical Values.

The 2016 US Party Platforms Summary covers all of the critical subjects that voters either support or oppose. In this article, we’ll identify what each Party stands for; from the Definition of Marriage to Health Care to Foreign Policy.

Also, all of this content is taken straight from one’s Party’s Platform on their website. There is no bias, because we, at always measure a candidate’s (for Congress or President, etc.) values by the Bible’s values and see if they match.

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US Party Platforms Summary — 2016 Get the Truth!

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Pacific Justice Institute — A Letter to Pastors

This “Letter to Pastors” is not just a letter of thanks or comment, but an article listing What Pastors and Churches Can Do to Affect Public Policy with Traditional Christian Principles.  These are not ways that you can sneakily disobey the rules of churches (or 501(c)3 nonprofits), but are ways that YOU PASTORS can help America from becoming a Godless nation. 

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